How You Can Add Value To The Marketplace By Being A Web Designer

When people think of web designers, usually they think of these techy computer freaks that sit behind a computer all day and just design websites, while there may be some truth in that thats not the end all be all. Web designers are so much more.

So What Is A Web Designer Anyway?

My definition of a web designer is someone who adds value to the marketplace by successfully completing and designing all different types of websites for different purposes. Web designers have a lot to contribute to the internet world but unfortunately the majority of them don’t know that.

I personally have served hundreds of business owners in helping them design their websites. When you can truly help someone in generating business or teach someone something, its called adding value to the market place.

How Web Designers Help Local Business Owners

One of my absolutely favorite things about being a web designer is helping business owners. The feeling is rewarding and just inspires me to keep running my business with compassion and integrity that we have since the beginning. Once I helped my first person, it was almost like I was addicted to the feeling of someone congratulating me. Its almost selfish of me in a sense =).

How You Can Take Your Web Designing Business To 6 figures A Year

There are plenty of web designers who have 6 figure a year businesses but there are more that don’t than those that do. So you are probably wondering, how did they get their businesses to 6 figures a year?

The #1 way to make a 6 figure per year biz is to become an expert in the field. Now that may sound scary but its actually pretty simple.

What Does It Mean To Be An Expert?

When people hear the word expert they automatically think that it takes years and years of experience to become an expert, when actually thats not as true as a lot of people think. To be considered an expert you just have to know a little more about a topic than someone your helping.

Thats called being a “relative expert”. Thats pretty much all it takes to help someone and become an “expert” in your selective niche. So now you are probably saying, well what if I want to become an expert in my niche but I don’t know too much about it?

The #1 Way To Become An Expert In ANYTHING

There is a simple formula to literally become an expert in any niche that exists. The formula is “ILT” which means Invest, Learn, Teach. So how does that help you become an expert in any niche? Let’s break it down:

Invest – Investing in courses that are related to your niche and actually teach you “how to”. You can never put too much money into your education.

Learn – Learn the things that the course or book your purchased is teaching you.

Teach – Once you invest in learning more about your niche and becoming an expert in your field then you take that knowledge and teach others what you have learned.

When you become a teacher you are automatically looked at as an expert, which in return will get people to trust you and then they BUY from you. If you can teach enough people there is no doubt that your business will reach six – figures a year, your first year in business.

Take Action

I challenge you to take some action starting TODAY. Start deeply diving into your niche and learning some new things and then turn around and teach that to someone else and watch the response you get.

Now thats putting value into the market place!

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