Different Type Of Web Designing Platforms

Web design is a very broad term and can mean a lot of different things. There are also lots of things that go into web design and plenty of different platforms. Some different web designing platforms are:

  • WordPress (What I used to design this blog)
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Dreamweaver
  • Joomla

How Do I Know Which Web Designing Platform Is Best For Me

Choosing a web designing platform can be a confusing process if you do not know where to start, but I am going to give you some steps to start with to help you in your search in choosing the perfect web designing platform for your specific needs.

WordPress – This platform is mostly used by SEO’s and people that have a decent amount of web designing experience. The awesome thing about WordPress is all the different themes you can choose from. Whether you are looking for a simplistic blog theme like this one or an amazing theme, WordPress has all the options. Its almost the web designing platform where the one size fits all because it can be for the most advance web designing person or some thats just beginning.

Wix – Wix is a beginner friendly platform that lets you design websites with just a click of the mouse. If you are looking for something simple and to really get your site up on the web and looking good quickly.

Weebly – Weebly is similar to Wix in its simplicity. I have seen some awesome looking websites all from using their drag and drop interface. Weebly is excellent for someone who is a beginner and also wants a very SEO friendly platform. Weebly also has great customer service, with a live chat feature.

Dreamweaver – This platform is for a more advanced designer who knows some html and some CSS code. A lot of the websites on the web are html, such as Weebly, but the difference is you are actually designing a website from scratch. If you are super technical, this is definitely the way to go and if you are not sat very far away from Dreamwever.

Joomla – Joomla is similar to WordPress in a lot of ways. You can either be a techy freak or a newbie and this platform will work for both. I have seen plenty of great reviews from people who use Joomla and they almost all talk about the simplicity and how user friendly it is.

I personally chose to do WordPress because of all the super cool themes and plug-ins that are included and I also love the fact that it is SEO friendly.


If you are looking to build a website I hope this detailed guide gives you some insight on which platform would be best for your particular needs.

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