Introduction To CC Design Studio


Hey there! Welcome to the CC Design Studio Blog. This blog is dedicated to displaying the work of our company and also to help put value into the marketplace for people that are wanting to learn website design.

The work of CC Design Studio will also be displayed throughout the website for our marketing purposes.

How It All Started

Well my name is James and I absolutely love web design. I was born and raised in Houston Texas. I would say I had a pretty awesome life growing up. Had good family and friends around me, to be a good support system. Eventually graduated high school and went on to the University of Houston. While there is where I found my true love for web design. I was majoring in IT. I knew that working for someone else doing this is not what I wanted to do.

Four years later when I graduated I went straight into business for myself and my first year being in business I managed to hit the 6 figure mark. That was an awesome accomplishment for me. I proved to myself that I really can start my own 6 figure business and scale up.

In 2 years I’ve managed to bring on 100 clients and complete over 500 website designs. A lot of people would probably say. “thats a lot of work” but I don’t look at it as work, its fun to me.

What I Hope To Accomplish With This Blog

My main reason for starting the blog is not just to display my services but to become a complete authority in my market. I believe by doing that I will push CC Design Studio to a 7 – figure per year business within the next year or so.

With this blog I’m really hoping that I can reach out to people either needing our services or people that want to learn web design. Every once in awhile we will release tutorials on how exactly to design sites step by step and also if you are wanting to start your own web design company we will be giving tutorials and actin steps on how to do that as well.

Interact With Us

You can always reach out to me and the team through our contact page. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have or maybe you just want to say hey. Also if you are looking for some awesome tips delivered straight to you email, feel free to join our email list. We deliver awesome content daily.

Thank you for reading the blog and stay tuned for next blog post!


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